You're the Artist® Cookies

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"When my son saw how great his artwork looked on the cookies, he was so excited, he is still talking about them months later! We brought the cookies to school on his birthday, and many classmates wanted to save them because they said they were too beautiful to eat! We saved some for ourselves and they were as delicious as they were beautiful." — Jackie, mom of 9-year-old boy

Perfect Gift or Party Favor

One of the cutest ideas to hit the cookie industry in years! You're the Artist® custom cookies feature a drawing your child created! All cookies arrive individually wrapped and tied with ribbon. Let your child design their next party favor. You're the Artist® cookies, presented in one of our tins, make great gifts for Grandma and Grandpa or long distance friends. Kids love to see their artwork on a cookie!

How it Works

Print the You're the Artist® cookie template. Using markers, paint or whatever medium you choose, draw your picture within the circle provided, and we guarantee that everything within that circle will appear on the cookie. Simply mail the finished drawing to the address at the bottom of this webpage, or scan it at a high resolution, 300 dpi, and email it to us as a jpeg file. Get started now: PRINT YOUR TEMPLATE

A favorite drawing which you've already created can also be featured on a cookie. Scan your drawing at 300 dpi, and email it to us as a jpeg file. We will creatively put it on a cookie and mail your custom cookie favors to you, or to someone you choose as a gift.

Custom packaging

is available including gift
boxes/tins, personalized ribbon, and more!